Private Sector

Bay Collection Subdivision, Carlsbad, CA, Standard Pacific Homes | Site Regrade, Slope Repairs

Eastlake Business Center, Eastlake Dev. | Grading

Calvary Chapel Bonita | Demolition, Storm Drain, Sewer & Grading

Jefferies Ranch Custom Home Pads, WS Development, | Grading

The Summit Subdivision, Vista, CA, MSK Management | Grading, Import

Beth Am Church, Del Mar, CA | Grading

Felicita Parkway, Dental Retail | Demolition & Grading

OLPH Catholic Church Lakeside, Classrooms and Family Center Addition, Catholic Diocese | Grading

Northcote Subdivision, Santee, CA, Priest Development | Street, Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Grading

70 Pad Subdivision, El Centro, CA, Lewis Homes | Mass Excavation, Street & Curb & Pad Grading

Lerma Court Subdivision, Lemon Grove, CA, California Precision | Grading, Curb & Gutter, PavingMain & Magnolia Townhomes Business Center, El Cajon, CA, Priest Development | Grading

Friendly Terrace Subdivision, El Cajon, CA, Priest Development | Grading & Export

Sparkletts Water Facility Expansion, Lakeside, CA, DS Waters of America, Inc. | Grading, Fireline.

Pilsbury Ranch Roping Arenas, Lakeside, CA, Pillsbury Land & Livestock | Grading

Hanson Materials Aggregate Quarry Reclamation, Twin Oaks Valley Road, Vista, CA, Hanson | Grading, Fencing, Rip Rap Channel, Erosion Control

Custom Home Pads, Dictionary Hill Spring Valley, CA, Bowden Builders, | Grading

Venzano Homes San Elijo Hills, San Marcos, CA, Standard Pacific Homes | Pad Recompact, Street Grading

Lemon Grove Little League | Grading